• What is the launch schedule?
  • Sunrise Period Ends
    Thursday, August 31, 2017  (16:00 UTC)
  • Boston Community Phase
    Tuesday, August 8, 2017 – Friday, October 6, 2017 (16:00 UTC)
  • General Availability
    Tuesday, October 10, 2017  (16:00 UTC)
  • How many domain names can I register?

There is no limit to how many domain names you can register. There are however naming restrictions during the Community Phase. Please see for more information.

  • Can I get one now?

There are separate phases in the .BOSTON launch. If you qualify for the Sunrise or Community phases, you can register today! If not, you can preregister your domain name for General Availability. EnCirca’s Pre-Registration puts your registration first in line. The very second .BOSTON is open for General Availability, EnCirca will automatically submit your name for registration, giving you an advantage over others that may want the same name

  • What is Sunrise Period? and How do I register my trademark during the Sunrise Period?

(both of these can be found here:

  • What is General Availability

In General Availability, domain names can be registered on a “first come, first served” basis, unless the names are reserved, blocked, or premium names. You do not need a corresponding trademark nor be a non-profit to register .BOSTON domains at this point.

  • What is a .BOSTON domain?

A new web extension specifically for the people of Boston. Enhance your brand by distinguishing your company, product, or service from the thousands of .COM domain names.  Join the crowd and proclaim your .BOSTON identify today.

  • Why EnCirca?

EnCirca was formed in 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts.  As the leading ICANN Registrar for domain extensions intended for regulated industries, including:  .BANK, .PHARMACY, .REALTOR, .TRAVEL, and .COOP, EnCirca has been selected as the exclusive .BOSTON Community Phase registrar.  EnCirca is one of the few ICANN Registrars that have been SOC-2 certified for cyber-security practices.  Value-add services include secure DNS, secure web forwarding, premium DNS hosting, TLS digital certificates, email authentication and secure website hosting.

  • Can I buy any .BOSTON domain I want?

The Boston Community Phase has restrictions that your domain name must correspond with either your trademark or your company name.  During General Availability, any domain name that is not reserved may be registered by any applicant.

  • What is the Boston Community Priority Phase?

EnCirca is the exclusive domain registrar for the Boston Community Phase.  The Boston Community Period provides an opportunity for Non-profit Boston Community Organizations to apply for a Boston Community Domain Name registration before .BOSTON Domain Names are made generally available. While no trademark or other rights are required, this period allows for eligible participants to register a Boston Community Domain Name if they meet the requirements of the Registry Policies, and in particular the specific requirements for application and registration of a Boston Community Domain Name.

  • Am I eligible for the Boston Community Priority Phase?

Find out about the Community Policies here.

  • What other policies should I be aware of?

* Whois Privacy is not allowed
* Some names may be premium cost
* The .BOSTON Registry has reserved some names, which will not be available.
* Naming Policy
* Privacy/Whois Policy
* Acceptable Use Policy
* Registrant Agreemen