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Who Is Eligible?

Anyone in the world may register a .BOSTON domain name. To check availability, please check here. A special discount is provided to non-profits that serve the Boston community (“Community Domains”). Eligibility for the special discount is limited only to certain qualifying entities, and are subject to certain restrictions.

a. Qualified Applicants and Registrants. Only a Boston Community Organization may apply for and register Boston Community Domains. A Boston Community Organization is defined as a: (i) City of Boston governmental entities; or (ii) nonprofit organizations categorized under Sections 501(c) 3, 4, 8-10, 13, and 19 of the United States Internal Revenue Code that provide services or support to residents within Boston or are located in Boston and provide services outside of Boston.

b. Limitations on Type of Boston Community Domain(s). A Boston Community Domain may only be comprised of legal names, d/b/a’s, or trade names generally associated with a Boston Community Organization applicant. Boston Community Domains may not include names that are generic or of general interest in nature, e.g., related to sports, news, or for-profit commerce.

c. Application for and Registration of Boston Community Domain(s). Boston Community Domains are to be applied for and registered with the Boston Community Registrar.

d. Verification of Boston Community Organizations. Applicants for Boston Community Domains may be required to submit documentary proof to Boston Community Registrar to verify that they meet the criteria established by the Registry to qualify as a Boston Community Organization. Any verification requirements will be set by the Registry, at its sole discretion, and may be amended by the Registry from time to time. The acceptance of any verification as valid proof of an Applicants standing as a Boston Community Organization is at the sole discretion or the Registry.

e. In accordance with rules established by ICANN, any trademark owner that has registered a trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse and applies during the Sunrise Period to register such trademark as a domain name will receive priority over any Boston Community Organization that applies for registration of an identical domain name during the Sunrise and Boston Community Periods.